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Farringdon Community Academy, Allendale Road, Sunderland, SR33EL



As previously stated, we were hoping to have our club’s A.G.M. shortly. It has now been arranged for SUNDAY, MAY 19th, 3.00 pm till around 5.00 pm at THE TANSEY CENTRE, 11 Church Street, South Hylton, Sunderland SR4 0QD
We would love to see as many people there, as possible and to have your input on your club. 
 We will cover everything from club kit to advertising to friendly competitions.  If you have any ideas at all, we would love to hear them.  If you are unable to come along but have any concerns or ideas, please let us know and we will be sure to include them.
I will be sending out an agenda early next week so look out for your email.

Hope you are enjoying the Easter Break,see you on the 26th April 2019.






Contribution to Sport Winner

Peter Walton 2019

43rd Darlington Sports Winners Grand Final 

Darlington Sports Awards 2019. The Lifetime Achievement Award to Peter Walton Head Coach.

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Where to find us

Farringdon Community Academy

Allendale Rd




Stephanie enjoying herself at the Raich Carter Centre :)


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I had a dream

You probably know that it is over 60 years since Martin Luther King made his famous speech,” I have a dream”. This reminded me when I was about 16 and started playing Badminton at my local Youth Club. I loved the game and soon was playing for the team in the local leagues. Well, I had a dream; it was to be a Professional Badminton Player or Coach, working in a dedicated Badminton Club or Leisure Centre. None of these facilities existed then.
Over the years I had many jobs and moved around a bit, but always had this Dream. About 20 years ago I had an offer I could not resist (I had been Head Hunted), it was to become The Badminton Professional at The Wearside Health and Racquets Club in Sunderland. A few years later I was offered a position as Coach at the University of Sunderland and am pleased to say, I have moved on from the Racquets Club, but, I am still enjoying my time at the University.  So it proves dreams, can come true.
What’s your dream?

Choosing your Racket



Racket basics:-
Badminton is a very fast sport, and as such the rackets used are a lot lighter than in other sports such as tennis and squash.

They generally consist of a handle, a shaft and a head. The whole length of the racket can be no greater than 68cm, and the width no greater than 23cm.

The head of the racket is made up of a frame and the strings, which are usually made from nylon (though can actually be made from sheep or cow gut).

Racket head
The Head can be no longer than 29cm, with the strings no more than 28cm long and 22cm wide.

The shaft and head frame are made of metal; anything from aluminum or steel to graphite or titanium on lighter rackets.

Racket grip
Making holding the racket easier, a grip is added which makes the handle less slippery and easier to control. The thickness of the handle is to the player’s preference.

Rackets vary depending on the type of player. For example, some rackets suit a more attacking player and others a more defensive player. Also, whether the racket is to be used for Singles or doubles has an effect.

Some rackets are designed for all-round use and tend to be more popular.

Generally a defensive player would want a lighter racket (for accuracy), and an attacking player would want more weight in the head, for power.

String tension
Important to any player is the ‘tension’ of the strings. If the strings are too tight, they will break more easily, but if they are too loose, there will be a loss of power on shots.

The average tension is around 23-28 lbs, although rackets can be strung much higher (28-30lbs).



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